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How Hootsuite saves you time

Publish content fast
Hootsuite's publishing feature automatically schedules and posts content for you, freeing up more time to engage with customers.

Reply with a single click
Quickly respond to messages, brand mentions, and comments across your social networks through a single dashboard.

Track performance and grow your audience
Analytics reports show you what's working and what isn't. Learn about your audience and improve your campaigns.

Hootsuite's features at a glance

Schedule unlimited messages across all your social networks.

Engage with customers
Be a part of the conversation and never miss when people are talking about your brand.

Track your social media campaigns so you can improve ROI and grow your business.

Work as a team by assigning messages so they get to the right people in your business.

Two-step authentication ensures your brand and social networks are protected.

Track your brand, what customers are saying about you, and your competition.

More than 16 million users and the world’s top brands use Hootsuite


Patrick Gillooly
Director of Digital Communication and Social Media  |                                         

Hootsuite allows us to stay organized and see conversations easily. Making highly personal connections online is that much easier.


Hootsuite has the right solution for everyone

An in-depth look at Hootsuite

  • Professional iconProfessional
  • Team iconTeam
  • Business iconBusiness
  • Enterprise iconEnterprise

Professional Professional

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Hootsuite Professional

Put all your profiles in one place, schedule posts across multiple networks, and easily measure results.


  • Manage Up to 10 social profiles
  • Real-time analytics
  • Auto content scheduling

Ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Independant consultants

Free 30-Day Trial Free 30-Day Trial

Team Team

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Hootsuite Team

Whether you are a group of three or a team of one (and growing), the Hootsuite Team plan makes you even more productive.


  • Customized analytics views
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Team assignments
  • One-on-one training session

Ideal for:

  • Individual marketers looking for more features
  • Growing teams of up to three people

Free 30-Day Trial Free 30-Day Trial

Business Business

screenshot Business

Hootsuite Business

Be more effective in driving ROI for your business with social. The Hootsuite Business plan is used to manage and measure a large social media presence across multiple networks.


  • Analytic data exports
  • Publishing approvals
  • Extended training session
  • 24/7 priority support

Ideal for:

  • Sophisticated small businesses and agencies
  • Teams that need to demonstrate social media ROI
  • Agencies reporting on social media for multiple clients

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Enterprise Enterprise

screenshot Enterprise

Hootsuite Enterprise

Integrate social into your organization and transform your business into a truly digital one.


  • Best-in-class security, workflows, and compliance
  • Customized training for your entire organization
  • Dedicated account management
  • Scalable across all departments, regions, and teams

Ideal for:

  • Large organizations with sophisticated requirements
  • Companies with multiple teams handling social media, where security and workflows are critical

Contact Sales Contact Sales

10 social profiles
1 user

  • Message Scheduling
  • Real-time analytics
  • Social sweepstakes
  • Unlimited RSS integrations

Base features:

Free 30-Day Trial

AUD 25/mo*

Compare plans and select the right one for your needs


  • Analytic data exports
  • Publishing approvals
  • Premium App Integrations
  • Custom Branded URLs
  • 4 social media certifications
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Extended training
    (30 mins)

50 social profiles
5 users, up to 10

Team features, plus:

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Starting at
AUD 675/mo*


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Custom Solutions

Accelerate the results of your social media strategy by giving teams the platform, advice, personalized training, and advanced analytics they need to be effective.

Customizable features:

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* Prices displayed in AUD, and based on annual billing

  • Custom analytics reports
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Team assignments
  • 6 contest templates
  • 1 Custom Branded URL
  • 3 social media certifications
  • 1-on-1 training
    (15 mins)

20 social profiles
3 users

Professional features, plus:

Free 30-Day Trial

AUD 129/mo*


For teams and organizations of any size

The Best Way to Manage Social Media

Manage multiple social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media.

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The Best Way to Manage Social Media

Manage multiple social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media.

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