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Hootsuite FAQ | Frequently asked questions

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management tool. It lets you schedule, post, and track performance across all your social media networks from one dashboard.

Anyone who uses social media can use Hootsuite! There are Hootsuite plans for individuals, small social media teams, and enterprise businesses. You can use Hootsuite to grow your budding presence as an influencer or join the 80 percent of Fortune 1000 businesses that trust it to manage multiple profiles at once.

Professionals in every industry use Hootsuite to manage social media. It’s a good choice for those who work in highly regulated industries, including government* health care, finance, and higher education.

*Hootsuite is FedRAMP certified to help ensure the security of the U.S. government's cloud services. This makes it an excellent option for public agencies looking for more secure ways to engage with their communities.

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Hootsuite helps you grow your business and save time on social media by bringing it all together on one easy-to-use platform. 

Here are a few of the top benefits of Hootsuite:

  • Grow your followers and improve reach with analytics that show you the exact best time to post on social media based on your audience.

  • Save time by scheduling posts on several social media channels at once and handling all your messages in one place.

  • Post better content with content inspiration, hashtag ideas, built-in templates, and advanced spelling and grammar suggestions from Grammarly.

  • Get inspired by setting up Streams with industry trends and top accounts.  

  • See what's working with analytics and custom reports showing which posts perform the best and why.

  • Stay on top of everything with listening streams and a single inbox that pulls all your messages from every network into a single inbox.

  • Improve efficiency with streamlined content approval workflows, a visually pleasing content calendar, and a unified inbox.

  • Protect your brand’s reputation and monitor negative mentions and reviews with user-friendly social listening tools.

  • Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring relevant trends, accounts, and conversations in your industry.

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Hootsuite has many tools and features that help you go further on social media. It can:

  • Tell you exactly when to post on social media to get more engagement

  • Post to multiple social media networks from one place

  • Bulk schedule hundreds of posts in advance

  • Schedule social media posts across all your networks in one place

  • Save you time with content inspiration and templates

  • Engage customers and respond to comments and mentions across all your platforms in one place

  • Track mentions, reviews, and conversations about your brand

  • Listen in on competitors and follow trends in your industry

  • Identify and fill gaps in your content calendar

  • Track your performance on social media and quickly generate reports

  • Learn which posts perform better than others and why

And much more. 

Pro tip: The best way to see everything Hootsuite can do is to sign up for a free trial and check it out for yourself.

To use Hootsuite, start by creating an account and choosing a plan that works for you. Once you've signed up, you'll be prompted to connect your social media profiles to your dashboard. From there, you'll be able to plan, schedule, post, and track performance from a single tab. Here’s a quick flyby of the Hootsuite Dashboard to get you started.

Want to see Hootsuite in all its social media magic-making action? Request a demo here.

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Features & Products

The Hootsuite dashboard is packed with features that help you grow your business on social media. 

The best way to see all of Hootsuite’s features in action is to give it a try.

Until then, here’s a quick rundown of Hootsuite’s main features.

  • Composer lets you draft, schedule, and publish content across all your social media channels. Some of its features include:

    • Built-in Canva templates right at your fingertips

    • Hashtag suggestions generated based on your captions 

    • Hashtag suggestions based on your image or video

    • Easily attach files and other media to your posts from your computer or the cloud

  • OwlyWriter AI is an AI-powered writing tool designed just for social media professionals. It can:

    • Instantly generate captions for every social media network

    • Come up with an endless supply of post ideas

    • Save time repurposing top-performing content

    • Turn web content into social media posts

    • Automatically generate captions for upcoming holidays

  • Planner is a user-friendly content calendar that displays all your posts across each channel. Some of its features include:

    • A birds-eye view of all your published and scheduled content

    • The ability to duplicate published content and turn it into new posts

    • A place to create drafts and get feedback from team members

  • Analytics is where you can monitor and track your performance across all your social media networks. Some of its features include:

    • A heatmap showing the best time to post based on your audience

    • Tracking of hundreds of metrics across all social media channels

    • A snapshot of key metrics, like post reach, impressions, likes, and more

    • Customizable reports with the metrics you choose

    • The ability to see your top-performing posts instantly

  • Streams lets youl isten in on what people are saying about your brand or industry across social media. Some of its features include:

    • Streams to monitor and reply to comments on your posts

    • Streams to listen in on conversations about you and competitors

    • Streams for finding relevant content to share and discover trends

  • Inbox is where you can monitor and reply to messages and comments across all your social media channels in one place. Some of its features include:

    • A view of all your public and private messages, including comments

    • The ability to assign messages to team members so they can respond

    • Saved replies to speed up responding to common questions

  • Amplify is an employee advocacy tool that makes it easy for your team to share your content, ensuring it gets more views. Some of its features include:

    • The ability to share approved content in just a few clicks

    • Weekly share goals to encourage employees to post

  • Advertise is your space for streamlining ad campaigns across social media. Some of its features include:

    • Campaign management for ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

    • Automatic boosting to extend the reach of your best content

    • Advanced audience targeting to ensure the right people see your ads

These are just a few of Hootsuite’s features. Want to see everything Hootsuite has to offer? ➡️Try it for free right now.

Yep! Hootsuite Analytics is one of the best tools for creating customized social media reports.

You can quickly create attractive reports showing the metrics you select. Edit the title, choose your preferred visualization style, and select your metrics. For a professional flair—and to impress your boss 😉—you can even add your logo. When you’re done, export it into a PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or .csv file.

You can even automatically generate scheduled reports that go straight to your email on a recurring schedule.

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Yes. Hootsuite offers multiple social listening and brand monitoring tools. They can help you protect your reputation, maintain your competitive edge, and improve your social media strategy.

Hootsuite Streams is available to all Hootsuite users. Here you can set up feeds to monitor mentions, retweets, and specific hashtags. You’ll be able to see what people are saying about your brand across multiple social media platforms in one place.

Hootsuite Insights, powered by Brandwatch, is an add-on available for Hootsuite Business and Enterprise plans. It is an in-depth social listening tool that measures total mentions, mention volume over time, sentiment, and much more.

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How to use Hootsuite

Want a quick and dirty rundown of how to use Hootsuite? Head over to YouTube and check out these videos: What is Hootsuiteand How to Use Hootsuite. (And don’t forget to subscribe to Hootsuite and Hootsuite Labs for a constant stream of helpful content).

For free Hootsuite training, visit the Hootsuite Academy. There you’ll find courses in social media, social selling, and how to use Hootsuite. Complete them and you’ll even get a shiny new certification to slap on your LinkedIn profile.

We’re so glad you asked! To sign up for a Hootsuite webinar, keep an eye on our webinars page. There you’ll be able to register for any upcoming webinars and watch previously recorded ones. Make sure to follow Hootsuite on all your social channels to learn about upcoming events and webinars.

Yes, Hootsuite webinars are always free. Visit our webinars page to discover a treasure trove of upcoming and previously recorded free webinars on social media marketing, social selling, customer advocacy, brand protection, and more.

You’ll find tons of past webinars on our webinars page. Browse free webinars on topics such as social marketing, social selling, social customer advocacy, social ROI, and brand protection.

First things first: sign up for a Hootsuite account. If you’re a brand-new user, the dashboard will walk you through the setup process. If you’ve already connected an account, you can add another one by clicking on the add account button at the top of the dashboard home page.

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Hootsuite Partners

The Hootsuite plan that’s best for your agency depends on a few things, including the number of user seats you need and the number of social accounts you manage. If your agency posts to more than 20 social media account for your clients, consider signing up for a Hootsuite Business or Enterprise plan.

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Hootsuite doesn’t currently have a traditional affiliate program. However, you can become a Hootsuite Partner if you want to share Hootsuite with your clients or business partners.

We sure do! If you want to learn how to make some extra cash promoting your favourite social media management tool, become a Hootsuite partner.

Discover how Hootsuite can help you build your brand and drive business results on social media